How All US Citizens Are ENSLAVED!!!

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How All US Citizens Are ENSLAVED!!! Empty How All US Citizens Are ENSLAVED!!!

Post by KaptainSteve on Mon Mar 03, 2008 12:56 pm

How All US Citizens Are ENSLAVED!!! Usapowermt2

The real evil that is imposed on the people via the Federal Reserve System, is that we are effectively made into slaves by it's works; not just because of the fact that it facilitates a culture of indebtedness, but mostly through the very disturbing fact that we are no longer the owners of our money. Because every U.S. dollar in circulation is created as the private property of the central bankers, and loaned into circulation at interest, just the very existence of our money carries with it a debt to it's owners. This is why the national debt perpetually climbs at an astounding rate, non-stop and ever-accelerating. The money to be used for paying off the interest on each successive Federal Reserve loan is never really created -- it must be re-borrowed out of the pool of interest and capital already payed back. If every dollar created carries with it an interest-debt, then where does the money to pay the interest come from? It comes from out of us; it comes through the virtual serfdom of generations of Americans.
The truly disturbing implications of private-banker ownership of the money supply is that they, by extension, then also effectively own us. Remember that money is a surrogate for our purchasing power that we work to earn. It is, because of the rigidly-enforced legal tender law, our only means of exchanging the value of our labor for the goods and services we need to survive and to enjoy life. And because of the Federal Reserve Note's role as surrogate for our hard-earned purchasing power, it is thus an extension of us, as per the chain of logic discussed earlier in the article.
The stunning realization then comes into focus: The private owners of the Federal Reserve Corporation, through the power of Section 5103 Title 31 of the United States Code, are the sole private owners of our only medium of exchange, and are thus shareholders of our selves. Everything we ourselves produce, and everything that is produced that must be bought and sold in Federal Reserve Notes, is owned by the Federal Reserve; because they own the medium that it must be exchanged for. The value of everything that is bought, sold, saved, and invested in the United States, is compelled by law to eventually be expropriated from the people by the I.R.S., and put into the hands of the owners of the Federal Reserve Corporation; because every dollar that is a real surrogate for that value belongs to them and is only being "borrowed" by us -- at interest, of course.
The owners of the Federal Reserve Corporation, their individual identities kept secret from us by virtue of the charter our government has granted them, are in effect the owners of you and I and everything we buy, sell, and produce. We have awoke to find ourselves enslaved in the "land of the free and home of the brave," and this is the legacy we are leaving for our children -- Serfdom. This fact will remain until we do something about it.
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How All US Citizens Are ENSLAVED!!! 2006303366351640808_rs

The Law in HMTL or in .pdf for printout

How All US Citizens Are ENSLAVED!!! Franklinquotexr5

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