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Post by KaptainSteve on Wed Apr 09, 2008 8:51 am

Question : Who has a higher rate of being arrested, civilians or law enforcement officers?

Are statistics available that isolate the crime rates for policemen and law enforcement officers?

In other words, which group (civilians or police) have a higher
percentage of being arrested/convicted than the other, not total
arrests. The FBI keeps crime statistics, but do they keep or isolate
the arrest statistics for those who are law enforcement officers?

It seems that, at least in my state (CT) there is an alarming frequency
of police officers being arrested and/or convicted. This makes me
believe that the per officer arrest rate could possibly be higher than
it is for non-law enforcement civilians.

Check out for the arrests in your state and you'll probably be surprised.

This should not be something that those in law enforcement or the
government should be afraid, hesitant or reluctant to look into, yet it
seems that just bringing up this issue brings up hostility in many.
This is an issue that any HONEST person should want to discover the
truth about.[/td][/tr][/table]

Your answer HERE!!!

The Law in HMTL or in .pdf for printout


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