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The Price Of Oil & Congress Empty The Price Of Oil & Congress

Post by KaptainSteve on Fri May 23, 2008 2:35 pm

The Price Of Oil & Congress Animalfarmdz7
The price of oil has gone crazy for two reasons. The first is just the our goverment has spent and borrowed so much from the Federal Reserve that the dollar just ain't worth a damn thing anymore so the oil prices have come to ajust up to this. The second reason is that the environmental chickens are coming home to roost, or as Glenn put it in an imaginary speech...
Let me tell you what we've done here in congress. We told you that drilling in ANWR is off limits. We told you that drilling off the coast of Florida and California is off limits. We told you, Mr. Big oil, that there wouldn't be any new leases for drilling in the Gulf while China and Venezuela and even Cuba pursued these leases and have just signed 100-year leases on the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. We here in congress have promised, as all three presidential candidates have also promised, to introduce and pass in the next term a cap and trade legislation bill that will increase the price of gasoline according to the EPA by an additional $1.50. Some people say it could be as high as $5 additional per gallon.
Source: Glenn Beck (Here).

The pigs are running this country and YOU voted for them.

You want governement to provide everything to everyone, and now you've got it. You want environmentalism, and now we've got it. Karl Marx should be proud...Ain't socialism grand?

The Law in HMTL or in .pdf for printout

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