Fourth of July Hijinx, 2008

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Fourth of July Hijinx, 2008 Empty Fourth of July Hijinx, 2008

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:33 pm

Fourth of July Hijinx, 2008 Z63098269

Fourth of July Round-up:

- Many people and conventional wisdom
seem to agree that the combination of alcohol and fireworks are a
dangerous combination, yet after a quick and unofficial report, it
seems that everybody at the party has accounted for all ten of their
digits as of early this morning of July 5th.

- Also, it seems
unanimous that the favorite event of the night was not popcorn, smores
or blackberry brandy out of the bottle, it was shoot the illegal
fireworks at the drunken idiot zig-zagging the mini-bike through the
field. With any luck, this event will be brought back for next year.
There is a very long wait list for driving applications so get yours in

- Finally and again the result of unanimous agreement, the live music finale will NOT be brought back next year.

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