Ron Paul, Glenn Beck & The Great World Depression

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Ron Paul, Glenn Beck & The Great World Depression

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:29 am

Time Magazine's Man of the Year, 1938!

...and YES, this is true. Look it up.

Another 2-Time winner is...

Yes, in 1942, TIME Magazine picked mass-murdering Communist monster Stalin as Man of the Year.

What's the point?

Well, if you think people recognize evil when it's staring them directly in the face you are deadly wrong. They only figure it out after, in retrospect, when it's much too late.

Think Ron Paul's crying wolf about the coming Great Depression? You think Obama's the new answer to all the old questions? Think again! This year (2008) it is estimated that the US has an almost One-Half TRILLION dollar deficit and we are almost 10 TRILLION dollars in debt and yet everyone seems to blame the oil companies and foreigners for high gas pricing.

Even though there was no one to blame but Germany's government (the former Weimar Republic) for printing and printing too much money and causing hyperinflation, Hitler blamed the Jews for it. Are we holding the right people accountable for the mess we are in right now (the mortgage/banking crisis, real inflation rates that are as high as anytime in the 1970's, etc)? Are we much different???

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