Deaths at the Racearena

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Deaths at the Racearena Empty Deaths at the Racearena

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 04, 2008 3:33 pm

How many racing deaths were there at the Racearena?

I thought that there were only 2, one being Ted Abbott, and the other Joe Campanella, who died years later
but very likely the indirect of his crashing on the backstretch when he hit a big Oak tree in the Dutch Village.

Any corrections to this are more than welcome.

According to the track related fatalities are:

Ted Abbott
Death date: 25.Aug.1979
Role: track official
Circuit: Danbury Fair Racearena

Louis Jackson
Death date: 06.Oct.1923
Role: driver
Circuit: Danbury Fair Racearena

Albert Odell
Death date: 21.Aug.1965
Role: driver
Circuit: Danbury Fair Racearena,1819


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