Illegal/Unauthorized Mame Builds

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Illegal/Unauthorized Mame Builds Empty Illegal/Unauthorized Mame Builds

Post by KaptainSteve on Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:42 pm

Hey, We are not affiliated w/mame or it's development in any way and do NOT care about their sanction (or lack thereof) so if you have an unofficial compile or hack of mame (say, w/out nags) please, discuss it (and post links to it) and those issues you can't discuss most elsewhere here!

In most Mame forums even discussing no-nag versions of Mame bring on the angry self-righteous wrath of Moderators,,,,BUT NOT HERE!

BTW, there is the NAG-FREE version of Mame 119 and retro rom kit posted (by you know who Wink )right now on Seedmore. org.
Link HERE! Download w/Utorrent!!!!


Discuss freely & post freely!

The Law in HMTL or in .pdf for printout

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