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Why I Like Roger Clemens Empty Why I Like Roger Clemens

Post by KaptainSteve on Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:26 am

Let me explain why I like Roger Clemens, despite the fact that 99.95% of Americans hate him.
Well, that's the first reason is right there! If 99.95% of Americans hate him, he must be ok!
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But let's think about this issue really good, forget if you are a Redsox Fan, a Yankee fan, a mets (Piazza) fan, or whomever. This issue is not about Roger Clemens, or steroids or baseball for that matter, it's about our sick, sick government.

Think about it! If you saw the hearings then you know what a political whore-circus it was. The Republicans stuck up for Clemens by calling McNamee a drug dealer and lying scum and the Democrats beat up on Clemens something crazy. It was completely and purely driven by party lines, not that that is a bad thing, but that's what it was, 100% political and NOBODY cared about anything other than that.

In case you don't know, Clemens is connected with the Republican party and the Bush family and there is nothing wrong with that. But, it ain't no accident that support of Clemens fell exactly along party lines.

Sure Clemens lied, BUT SO WHAT!? McNamee is a RAT and the government is worse than that, spending MILLIONS of dollars of our money investigating a child's game! This isn't what our taxes should be used for, to investigate whether a millionaire athlete is cheating at a GAME? Let the genius that he is, Bud Selig, the guy who stoopidly invited the government into this mess in the first place, police baseball and let MLB PAY FOR IT!

Don't even give me the argument that it's about perjury, we all know that ain't what it's about. Don't even take the moral high ground and hide behind children by saying that he's a role model for our youth. Why don't parents try being role-models to their own kids for once instead of leaving it up to people they don't even know?

In case you haven't figured all this out yet ********SHEEPLE ALERT********** This is all about creating another excuse for the long arm of the government to get more involved in every aspect of our lives. These asswipes in washington need to justify their salaries and create crisis's so that we depend on them.

Clemens is not a liar, he is a HERO! He has every right to lie to the government. Whether or not he cheated at baseball is baseball's business and if they can't enforce their rules, that's a family issue. If he took illegal drugs, so what!? Why does anyone really care? How does that effect you!? It's his body and let him decide what it is he wants to do with it. If a doctor prescribed the drugs he took then automatically it's legitimate, why!? Doctors prescribe mountains of pills to miserable middle American housewives all over the country for no real reason and that's ok? The war on drugs is a ridiculous farce and Roger has every right to lie to the feds for this one reason, IT AIN'T NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. If he is not threatening or hurting you, the government should leave him alone!


The Law in HMTL or in .pdf for printout

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