Most memorable night.

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Which was the most memorable night or incident at the Racearena.

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Most memorable night.

Post by KaptainSteve on Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:25 pm

Lots of candidates toss around in my mind about the most memorable night at the Racearena.
The most obvious choice is the night Ted Abbott died. Not a very happy moment and one we'd like to
forget, but it was something we won't forget.

Another was the night Danny Gallulu wrecked all the top runners, one at a time and very meticulously
during the feature. Remember the atmosphere later that night!?

Another great moment was Nicky Giardina flipping into the Pits knocking the hat off of Wild Bill Greco's Head,
not to mention the numerous Billy Boo exits!

How about the night Gino Spada single-handedly put an end to the "Match-Race" fiasco!!!!
That was the most hilarious since it was the most foreseeable thing to happen in the world!

And who can forget the famous "Let's Go Chick" chant the night Stockwell beat Lajoie to 50.

And finally, the last night of the Fair. I'll never forget the closing of the Budwieser stand!
Write in with yours, or elaborate on the moments I've just mentioned.

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