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Post by Admin on Sun Dec 16, 2007 10:30 am

Rules: Be nice & No Stoopid Nicks.

Discuss anything related to Mame, arcade cabinets or arcade jukeboxes here.

We are not affiliated with the Mame people, so anything goes here, Wink ...

Feel free to discuss things like:

1) Discussion concerning license violating MAME builds, or links posted to websites containing them, is absolutely not allowed (especially ones that enable new games which are not supported in official MAME). If you would like to report such a site, then please private message an administrator or a MAME developer with the details.

2) Discussion concerning MAME cabinet coin mechs or credit transfer systems is strictly forbidden. Sorry, there are no exceptions regardless of what your intent is. The information can be abused by others.

3) Discussion concerning the removal/disabling of the following 2 MAME intro screens: 1) copyright warning, and 2) game problems - is also strictly forbidden as the developers don't want them removed. However the 3rd type, game info screens, can already be disabled in the MAME.ini via the 'skip_gameinfo' option.

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