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Post by Admin on Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:51 am

How to make a Minimum XP for your Mame Cabinet!

Google this exact phrase: (with the quotes)
"Windows TinyXP Professional SP2 Beast Edition Unattended CD" +pirate bay
download TinyXP 'beast' and do the following (I had to write it out for a friend of mine, so I'll copy/paste below)


Now that TinyXP is installed

1. Right click on the desktop, click properties, under "themes tab" select "windows classic", then under "screen saver tab" change monitor off to "1 hour" then click apply, OK, OK

2. Now we are back at the desktop and the ugly wallpaper is gone. Right click the taskbar at the bottom, click properties, click "start menu" tab, select "windows classic start menu" , click OK

3. back at desktop, click start > control panel > system

make a note of the amount of ram, we will call this "actual ram"

click "advanced tab" click "performance setting" change to "adjust for best performance", click apply, click the "advanced tab" under "virtual memory" click "change"

change initial size to X2 of your actual ram, change maximum size to X3 of your actual ram, click "set" then OK OK OK

4. back at the control panel, click tools > folder options > view

UNcheck "hide protected operating system files"

UNcheck "remember each folder's view setting"

click apply > OK

5. Back at control panel, double click "system" click hardware > device manager

This is the device manager, any icons with a yellow exclamation point are devices that need drivers, make a note of the devices and install the drivers


(That's probably over-explaining it for anyone who can read this thread, but oh well)

After that, run services.msc, click "startup type", right click each "automatic" service, select "properties", set all to "manual"

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